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Ed. by Silvia Naef, Irene Maffi and Wendy Shaw

Artl@s Bulletin, vol. 9/1 (2020) “'Other Modernities': Art, Visual Culture and Patrimony Outside the West"





Ed. by Francine Giese, Leïla el-Wakil and Ariane Varela Braga

Der Orient in der Schweiz. Neo-islamische Architektur und Interieurs des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts / L’Orient en Suisse. Architecture et intérieurs néo-islamiques des 19e et 20e siècles [The Orient in Switzerland: 19th and 20th Century Neo-Islamic Architecture and Interior Design], Berlin/Boston, De Gruyter, Series: Welten des Islams - Worlds of Islam - Mondes de l’Islam, 10, 2019.


Peter Lang Publishing Series "Middle East, Social and Cultural Studies"

Ed. by Silvia Naef, Irène Maffi and Wendy Shaw

This series focuses on encounters, conflicts and transformations from the 15th century to the present and beyond. It invites works from various disciplines of the social sciences and humanities that consider the adoption, development, or reconceptualization of basic social and cultural phenomena in the Middle East, as broadly conceived, at any time from the fifteenth century to the present, particularly in consideration of future implications.

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