MA in Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Iran and Turkey

Ca' Foscari University of Venice in collaboration with the University of Geneva


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The last decade has seen an ever-increasing interest in the visual arts of the Arab world, Iran and Turkey (MENA). There has been an explosion of interest in contemporary art in the entire Middle Eastern region, demonstrated by new museums and galleries by annual, biennal, and international fairs and exhibitions, and at auctions.

The Master’s Degree Professional Program described here represents a response to the growing demand for professionals who specialise in all aspects of the art of the Arab world, Iran and Turkey:  Ca’ Foscari offers the first dedicated course of study in the contemporary arts of the MENA region.

Venice, at the centre of the international artistic scene, and throughout history a bridge between East and West, is the ideal place to look towards new horizons and explore new paths.  Ca’ Foscari has all the requisites needed to act as the primary institutional setting for such a Master’s Degree Program, in line with its openness towards the entire world (see the UNIVE Strategic Plan 2016-2020). The University of Geneva, principal partner in this ambitious programme, confirms its international dimensions. 

Expertise, both in-house and drawn from a consolidated international network of colleagues, allows Ca’ Foscari to present a distinguished teaching staff, and to guarantee internships at the most prestigious institutions.


The Master’s Degree Professional Program described here aims to give students specific expertise in contemporary artistic production in the Arab world, Iran and Turkey.  The course of study is not limited to curatorship, but also to art criticism, publicity and publishing. 

Through an intensive course of study, students will acquire a range of skills that would assist their response to the requirements of various institutions needing specialised personnel, not just in the Middle East, but globally. At the same time, precisely because the course of study is not limited to curatorship, students will also be able to explore related areas of interest, starting with a choice of internships offered by the programme. They will thus acquire a particularly versatile profile, open to further careers as described below.

Professional profiles

The Master's Degree Professional Program will enable students to develop the skills needed to undertake careers in the curatorial sector (in museums, galleries, art fairs and auction houses), in the publishing sector (catalogues, other studies, and art journalism), and in publicity (educational programmes and communication to visitors).

Language: English

Available places: 25

Duration of the programme: one year

Teaching method: Classroom lectures, seminars, case studies, online activities

Location: Venice

Enrolment fees: € 8.500 (in two instalments)

Grants/scholarships: full or partial scholarships covering the registration fee, if given, will be provided by the institution of the instructor

Information: Ca’ Foscari Challenge School  master.challengeschool(at)