Hard Core: Abdul Rahman Katanani

edited by Barbara Polla

Geneva, Analix Forever, 2018

Texts by Christophe Donner, Nicolas Etchenagucia, Barbara Polla, Pascal Yonet and Paul Ardenne.

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How do you become an artist when you originate from the sabra camp? As a palestinian Abdul Rahman Katananis path in life is amazing. His favorite material is barbed wire. He cuts those recycled material into poetic figures or nature shaped elements. Katanani expands the space with these highly symbolical media. In the end his artworks can seem at first cruel and yet they are extremely subtle, full of hope and joy. The Danysz Gallery (in collaboration with the Geneva based Analix Forever Gallery) presents the first extensive solo show in Paris by Katanani, with large site specific installations, from 2 December 2017 to 13 January 2018.