Abdul Rahman Katanani, Paroles d'artiste. Propos recueillis par Barbara Polla

Geneva, Slatkine, 2023

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Abdul Rahman Katanani is a French-Palestinian artist born in 1983 in the Sabra camp to Palestinian refugee parents. From an early age, he felt that becoming an artist was a vital necessity: to create in order to cry out, to create in order to go out, to create in order to live. But how to live?  How to go on?

Beyond his art, Abdul Rahman Katanani develops proposals that, based on an informed critique of the games of violence, money and power that are shaking the world, open the way to a livable tomorrow. In joy, for it is joy that the artist speaks of in this book. And freedom.

Barbara Polla has been working with Abdul Rahman Katanani since 2015. Fascinated by the artist's ideas and visions as much as by his works and personality, she spent long hours over a period of six years listening to him and transcribing his words: the best way for the writer to penetrate his world and make it her own. She "becomes" Abdul Rahman Katanani.