La multiplication des images en pays d'islam : de l'estampe à la télévision (17e-21e siècle)

Proceedings of the conference: "Images: fonctions et langages. L'incursion de l'image moderne dans l'Orient musulman et sa périphérie". Istanbul, University of Bosphorus, 25-27 March 1999.

Istanbul/Würzburg, Orient-Institut/Ergon Verlag, 2003

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This book contains the proceedings of a conference in Istanbul on the "incursion of the modern image into the Muslim Orient and its periphery." The editors are Silvia Naef, specialist of contemporary Arab art from the University of Geneva, and Bernard Heyberger, history professor at the University of Tours, France. Contributors include scholars from, or working in, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon and Turkey. La Multiplication des images en pays d'Islam will appeal to students and scholars in history, art history, religious studies, visual anthropology and communications. The essays are clear but dense and assume a basic understanding of the place of images within Islam. Strong aspects of the work are its inclusion of a variety of Muslim cultures (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey) and its discussions of relations between Muslims and the religious minorities in those countries. The volume offers a range of historical and contemporary perspectives and the essays examine an array of types of images. The book's title, jacket information, and 12 essays are in French, with brief abstracts in English. Four essays are in English without abstracts. Fourteen bios of contributing authors are in French, two in English and one in German. The Forward is also in German.

Exttract from Mary B. Vogl's book review, Review of Middle East Studies, 39(1), 130-131.