In dialogue through the Ibrahim El-Salahi exhibition

with Bärbel Küster and Daniel Baumann

11.5.23, 19:00, Kunsthalle Zürich


Prof. Bärbel Küster, Professor of modern and contemporary art at the University of Zürich, and Daniel Baumann lead a conversational tour through Ibrahim El-Salahi's exhibition "Ibrahim El-Salahi Pain Relief Drawings" at the Kunsthalle Zürich.

Ibrahim El-Salahi is renowned as one of the key figures of African Modernism. This is true, but only half the story. It is true that El-Salahi founded his own ‘school’, the so-called Karthum School, and travelled throughout the USA, Mexico and Brazil in the 1960s, where he met the artists of the Spiral Group, as well as Rufino Tamayo and many others. He was indeed a cultural attaché for Sudan and later the Sudanese Director of Culture, as well as being a member of the legendary Mbari Club in Nigeria with future Nobel laureates Wole Soyinka and Nagib Mahfuz. And in 1976, El-Salahi was imprisoned for six months without charge in connection with an attempted coup he had nothing to do with, before going into exile in Qatar, where he worked as an advisor to the Emir.

The tour offers a special opportunity to visit the exhibition in dialogue with experts. This event takes place in German.


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