Y a-il un art moderne « arabe » ?

Retour sur l’ouvrage A la recherche d’une modernité arabe de Silvia Naef à l’occasion de sa réédition et traduction en anglais chez Zamân Books

Silvia Naef, Morad Montazami and Arthur Debsi

ARVIMM Lecture series, Paris EHESS and Zoom, 2.6.23, 3-5pm


Reissue of a primordial work in the history of the art of the countries of North Africa and West Asia, a major reflection on the artistic currents of the Arab world in the twentieth century which responds more than ever, twenty-five years after its first publication, to the need to decolonize the knowledge.

New edition of the book published in 1996 by Slatkine (Geneva), out of print.


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