Egyptian stained glass, detail © Vitrocentre Romont / Katrin Kaufmann.


Luminosité de l'Orient

Vitromusée Romont



Stucco glass windows, which are widespread from the Iberian Peninsula to Asia, have been an integral part of Islamic mosques, palaces and residential buildings since the 7th century. Their intense luminosity and colourful light fascinated Western architects and artists early on, as shown in their sketches, paintings and illustrations of this form of windows set in plaster, instead of the lead that is characteristic of European stained glass.

Featuring a selection of original pieces from several European museums as well as previously little-known images and photographic material, the exhibition presents the latest results of the SNSF project “Luminosity of the East”, which has been ongoing at the Vitrocentre Romont since 2020, and offers a unique insight into the glass art of the Islamic World.


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