Cultural Appropriation / Appreciation? (in German)

Organized by Manazir in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Zurich, and moderated by Laura Hindelang

31.5.23, Kunsthaus Zurich


Cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation? Currently, the term "cultural appropriation" is causing heated discussions. Some are against cultural creators (of the West) making use of other cultures, others consider such a procedure indispensable for their own artistic expression. Can culture be considered as property? Where are the boundaries of exploitation to be drawn? Are cultures closed, homogeneous entities or have they always cross-fertilized each other and been permeable?
Talk with Jens Balzer (writer and author DIE ZEIT, Berlin), Schoole Mostafawy (curator Global Art History, Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe), Nika Timashkova (artist, Basel) and Rohit Jain (social anthropologist and researcher on racism, University of Bern), moderated by Laura Hindelang; with an input presentation by Jens Balzer, author of "Ethik der Appropriation".

Location: Moser-Bau, large lecture hall
Cost: CHF 15.- / CHF 10.- (reduced); CHF 5.- (for members and with valid exhibition ticket)

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 J. & L. Lobmeyr, large bowl no. 3912 from the "Persian Series" (detail), c. 1878, glass, enamel, gold, LOBMEYR Family Archive.