Image Flood and ‘iconoclasm’ in the Arab world (19th-20th c.)

Silvia Naef (University of Geneva)

24 March 2022, 7pm
Rietberg Museum, Zurich

With the introduction of new techniques of image production from the 19th century onwards (letterpress, photography, academic painting and sculpture, and later cinema and video), the number of images of all kinds in the Arab world increased dramatically. This in a context where figurative representations—contrary to popular belief—were not forbidden, but rare. How is this dealt with in different social circles? Are there differences depending on the genre (painting, photography, film or video)? These questions will be addressed—after a brief historical contextualization—with specific examples.

Lecture in parallel with the exhibition  "In the Name of the Image”, Rietberg Museum, Zurich.

Language: German
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Venue: Park-Villa Rieter, lecture hall
Door opening: 30 minutes before the event
More information on the Museum Rietberg website.