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Biographical notices produced as part of the TEAM international academic network: Teaching, E-learning, Agency and Mentoring

AWARE – Archives of Women Artists Research & Exhibitions


TEAM: Teaching, E-learning, Agency, Mentoring is an international academic network dedicated to the production and sharing of knowledge about women artists around the world. TEAM’s objective is to enrich the AWARE website, with priority given to geographic areas that are still under-represented to date, and to support the training of a new generation of art historians who are sensitive to gender issues and the place of women artists. TEAM is also a network of solidarity and transnational reflection on the issues shared by these art historians.

Nadia Radwan supervised five new biographies of women artists from the MENA region. They have been published on AWARE – Archives of Women Artists Research & Exhibitions, a website database created in 2014, whose goal is to make women artists of the 19th and 20th century visible by producing and posting free bilingual (French/English) content about their work on its website:

Nadia Radwan also conducted an interview with Anila Quayyum Agha, entitled "Pattern is Political".